The 8-Week Starter Course

for High Energy Dogs,

On Demand

Enjoy Unlimited Online Dog Training With:

Positive, Reward-Based Training

Modern training methods taught by a CPDT-KA Certified Trainer you both can enjoy

Step-By-Step Instruction

Video courses demonstrating each step, designed with the beginner in mind 



Learn and train anytime, anywhere with 24/7 unlimited access to course content

Dog training on the go. On demand, any time, and any place. Curious Canines is your one stop shop for online dog training, specializing in solutions for high energy breeds.

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What is

Curious Canines online training?

Curious Canines Online Courses combine modern, reward-based training games from dog sports, canine therapy work, and daily life practicality to create an enjoyable, well-rounded life with your dog.  CPDT-KA Certified and nationals-level agility competitor-led courses designed to enjoy at your pace!

Stream classes that fit your schedule with options including:

Full Courses

8-10 weeks' worth of content, designed to progress at your own pace

Quick Lessons

1-2 weeks' worth of content, designed to progress at your own pace

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