Creating An Online Dog Training Course with Wear Wag Repeat

We spoke with Tori Mistick from the Wear Wag Repeat Podcast on just how to create an online dog training course, the story behind Curious Canines, and the impact dogs have on us.

In our conversation, Tori and I discuss Curious Canines and our modern dog training education to the masses through online courses. We talk about how this makes a positive impact on people’s and pet’s lives around the country and the logistics of how we created the lessons. We also discuss how we are making a difference in our local community by supporting assistance dog programs and volunteering own time as a therapy dog team to help kids find the confidence to read.

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How to Create An Online Dog Training Course
How to Create An Online Dog Training Course

Topics Covered in this Podcast

  • How to transition dog training classes from in-person to online