Exploring the Palos Verdes Peninsula: Lunada Bay

Want a quiet place to watch an epic sunset with cliff-side views of the Pacific, drink in hand, thinking about how great life is with our dogs by our sides? Welcome to Lunada Bay.

Bring your blanket, favorite drink, and your pup to enjoy golden and blue hours surrounding sunset. An epic coastline and parking nearby make Lunada Bay an easy-access view of the pacific and the perfect spot to unwind.

We have our adventure journey photo diaries as a way to chronicle the best dog-friendly spots we have discovered and love sharing with our adventurous community. See more on our blog here for ongoing articles surrounding outdoor adventure and training with our dogs.

As seen in the photos

Hiking Boots: Forsake Co. Patch

Recycled Rope Leash: Flowfold Leash

Bandana: Wild Wear Pets

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