How to Truly Tire Out Your Dog (Mentally + Physically)

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

7 ways to help your high energy dog or puppy immediately both mentally + physically

How do you actually exercise your dog in a way that lasts?

We're passionate about helping fellow high drive and high energy dog parents. Personally, I have a 3 year old working Border Collie and have had an active Australian Shepherd. After 15 years of training dogs, having competed in dog agility on a national level and successfully completed many therapy visits to local libraries with naturally high drive dogs, there is one key thing I have learned:

Having a calm dog in your home and in dog-friendly places in your town can be developed with strategic activities that tucker them out both physically and mentally.

Let's capture calmness. Here's a little list to help get you started:

#1 Sniffing on Walks

The science gets technical quickly, but in short: sniffing is both soothing and decompressing to dogs. Just like a long day of back to