Top 5 Enrichment Toy Recommendations for Dogs

By Certified CPDT-KA Dog Trainer, National Dog Agility Finalist, and Purdue University Animal Science Graduate, Stacie Bianco (Bowers), CPDT-KA

Looking for a way to meet your dog's needs physically and mentally at times when you are unable to interact with them one on one? Or are you always on the lookout for your dog's next "favorite toy"? Welcome to our Top 5 Interactive Toy Recommendations list 🙌

Enrichment in your dog's life, environmentally, physically, mentally, and nutritionally has vast benefits to your dog's well-being. Check out this Purdue University Extension article to learn more about those benefits and how to implement them. Or read more about enrichment from Dr. Julia Albright in this dvm360 article. Various types of environmental enrichment can stimulate dogs mentally and physically, reducing undesirable behaviors that may result from boredom and frustration. Additionally, enrichment can increase normal, desirable behaviors, such as problem solving and positive social interactions with other dogs and people.

Make enrichment a part of your daily routine with your dog with the following 5 interactive toy ideas

#1 Treat or Food Dispensing Toys

Puzzle or food toys are a great way to allow your dog to use their nose, paws, and mouth in a